Contests at The Great Iowa Pet Fest

All contests will take place on our stage and are free to enter. You’ll sign up on site at the table next to the stage. We will have clipboards for reach class. Prizes will be awarded for 1st – 3rd place and all participants will receive a ribbon.

Saturday, July 10:

Best Wag – The dog with the most enthusiastic tail wag is the winner here! In this contest, do whatever you’ve got to do to get that tail going! 

Ball Toss – How many balls can your dog catch in :30 seconds? Better yet, how many good tosses can you give your dog in 30 seconds?

Fastest Fetch – In this contest, you will toss a toy past a line and your dog will be judged on their speed fetching the toy. The dog who retrieves the ball the fastest is the winner! 

Sunday, July 11:

What The Heck is That? – Show us your best muttly mutt! 

Best Trick – The crowd will be the judge and the dog with the best trick will be the winner! We’re hoping to see a singing dog or perhaps one that can boogie on their back legs… bring all you’ve got! 

Tiny Dog – The smallest dog will be the biggest winner! This contest will be based off weight. All dogs competing must be at least one year of age.

Please check the SCHEDULE tab for the time each contest will take place.